S. Suraj Kumaar, Founder and Managing Trustee.
Wildlife enthusiast and former nature photographer. Editor of this website.
G. Ananthakrishnan, Founder Trustee.
Serving as Deputy Editor in one of India's largest newspapers. Has written many articles on wildlife and conservation issues. Passion includes flora studies and photography.
Dhaval Momaya, Trustee.



Ms. Karpagam D.
Education Programme Coordinator.
Madhu Soodhanan M.
Studying ichthyofauna of the Western Ghats.
P. R. Nimal Kumar
Studying orchids of India. 

Mahendran G., Field Associate, Census & Perambulation.
Thamil Maran B., Field Associate, Census & Perambulation.
Pravin Kumar N., Field Associate, Census & Perambulation.
Gowtham, Field Associate, Census & Perambulation. 
Mano Chandar, Field Associate, Census & Perambulation. 
Ashwin Kumar, Field Associate, Census & Perambulation.

C. Sathish Kumar, Animal rescue, Census & Perambulation.
Prashanth, Animal rescue, Census & Perambulation.



Shri. Badrasamy C., District Forest Officer, Nilgiris South.
Shri. V. Ganesan, Conservator of Forests, Salem District.
Field Director, Anamalai Tiger Reserve, Tamil Nadu.


Registration: TRUST, Nr. 1130 dated: 15.12.2003, at Tirupur.
Income Tax: Regd u/s 12A(a) and exempt from Income Tax u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
C. No: 327(320)/03-04/CIT-I/CBE dated 12.10.2004.
Bankers: ICICI Bank Limited, Trichy Road, Coimbatore.