Work towards the conservation and preservation of wildlife and habitat of the Southern Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu.


  • Habitat restoration and expansion with afforestation programs to improve rainforest cover and also reduce man-animal conflict by clearing elephant migration paths of human activity.
  • Protection oriented programmes providing incentives like life insurance, mediclaim, protective clothing, footwear, field equipment etc. to forest field staff to boost morale and commitment on the field.
  • Providing tribals with alternate areas of employment to reduce their impact on forest cover, necessary medical help and educating them on the need for healthy living.
  • Providing adequate care to the trained elephants (kumkis) at the Anamalai Tiger Reserve.
  • Promoting eco-friendly educative tourism by way of nature-treks, bird watching, visits to tribal settlements, interactive sessions with kumkis, etc.
  • Conducting nature-awareness classes and treks for school and college students to spread the message of conservation.
  • Co-operation with others NGOs working on similar issues.